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Working with LGTBQ2SA+ Communities

LGTBQ2SA+ communities often face heightened levels of stigma and discrimination in their everyday lives which includes the workspace. Even though LGTBQ2SA+ people are protected from such work place discrimination through federal and provincial statutes, they often don’t feel they’re able to fight their case before the courts. At The Seeking Help Project, we help LGTBQ2SA+ people thrive in their workplace and assist employers by creating a safe and welcoming place for all people to thrive and grow. We work with other non-profit organizations at the local, provincial and national levels to achieve this goal. We also maintain an anti-oppression, anti-discrimination work ethic for all people who access our services.

For more information about how The Seeking Help Project can help you work with LGTBQ2SA+ communities, please contact us.

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