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Case Management

Our case management team is available to assist you with issues that comes up in your day to day lives. This can include, but is not limited to: assisting with housing issues, helping you get paper work together for court, helping you access your benefits or file a complaint with a government agency. For case management assistance please email [email protected]


The Seeking Help Project is available to assist with conflicts that may arise in the workplace. Our goal is to help resolve issues by helping both sides of the conflict come to a mutual and respectful solution. Mediation services are offered free of charge. In order for our project to perform mediation services, we must have the consent of BOTH PARTIES. To request mediation services please email: [email protected]

Education and Outreach

Our education and outreach team presents at conferences across the country getting the conversation going about the importance of healthy workplaces. We are also available to perform online or in-person workshops in your workplace that focuses around dealing with mental health / addiction issues in the workplace from an anti-stigma, anti-discrimination perspective. To book a workshop or to have us speak at your event, please email [email protected]

Peer Support

The Seeking Help Project offers peer support through online groups ran by dedicated professionals. We also host a peer “buddy” program where we link professionals who feel that they struggle with a designated mentor to help them through. These services are done confidentially and are monitored by our social work department. To request access to our peer support programs please email [email protected]

Therapeutic Care

The Seeking Help Project has partnered with HASU e-Counseling to provide our clients with fast access to professional help. Simply follow this link: and enter SHP 15 at the beginning of step 2 to receive our special rate. Once you’ve finished with your therapist, you’ll receive a receipt via email which you can submit directly to your work benefits plan. If you do not have a benefits plan, the project may be able to help you with the cost of therapy. To request funding for therapeutic services please email [email protected]

The Seeking Help Project

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